A&T offers a compensation plan that includes discounts on product purchases for your personal use, and in many cases a daily payment and reimbursement plan for the time spent at approved events. Continued offer of discounts on product purchases reviewed based on active team involvement on a recurring basis.
As part of the team you will visit key retail stores in your area to help promote and sell the branded
products we represent. You will be responsible for promptly reporting back your observations and
consumer engagements from these events. To maintain active status on the Prostaff Team, working a minimum of two major retail events per year is required.
We are looking for individuals that live within 50 miles of either a Bass Pro Shops, or Cabela’s retail store.

Contribution to the Prostaff Team can also take the form of:
  • Conducting Seminars and Training Sessions
  • Local Youth and Organization Events
  • Field Performance Reviews
  • Social Media Involvement
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